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Hello and welcome to my website.

This is a magical space where I can show you my work and let you know of my upcoming events, courses and projects, which are all based on years of work and practice in the Crafts of the Wise.

I have had a keen interest in witchcraft, spells, literature, herbs
and traditional crafts for as long as I can remember. Looking back, I can see how both my mundane and my spiritual choices have woven my Wyrd and brought me to this point in my magical career. So, I write, practise as a medical and magical herbalist, spin, weave and teach, as well as continuing with my own explorations of the realms of the Gods, the Fair Ones and other spiritual beings.

I live in Norfolk and love sharing my enthusiasm for the county’s stories and traditions, its plants and creatures and for the magic which thrives here in this sacred landscape.

Collection of Herbs

Herbal Medicine and Magic

The use of plants for healing and other kinds of magic have long been an integral part of the work of the witch. In my own case, I discovered my love of herbs at a very early age, in my parents’ garden. I was particularly drawn by the warm and delicious perfumes of the aromatics like Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender and the scented Geraniums, and I can still visualise where each of these grew in my childhood garden, which was full of magic. I have used herbs all my life, building my knowledge and my relationship with the plants gradually as my own life has developed.


When I lived in Sweden, I was lucky enough to work with a kind of forest cunning man who taught me a huge amount about herbal cures, how to harvest, store and use the plants which grew all around us, while a neighbour showed me how to make plant and mushroom dyes for my handspun yarns.


In my late 40s, having lived in Norfolk for over 10 years, I found myself directed by the power of the Green Witch herself to undertake formal degree-level training as a medical herbalist, qualifying just before my 50th birthday. I was daunted by tackling so much science but nevertheless coped with it remarkably well. I now see some patients for herbal medicine at a clinic in Norwich and have sought ways to synthesise my scientific and magical knowledge about plants and how they can help us, not only to cope with the ills that affect us, but to bless and enhance our lives in so many other ways too. One of the ways I have done this is by creating the Herbs, Healing and Magic correspondence course, which provides a dynamic blend of magical and scientific information. I have been running this as a postal
course for some ten years now and many people have enjoyed taking part in it and finding their way
to the Green Witch’s cottage.


However, I am now offering online access to the course, along with the chance to submit and discuss herbal work with me as part of the third level of my Patreon.

So, do join me in the fragrant and colourful plant world and discover how herbs can help you and
what delights they have to offer.


Living Norfolk Magic

Living Norfolk magic is a project begun on the 21st of July 2020, in accordance with instructions received from the deities and spirits of the land while we were visiting Warham Camp, an Iron Age fort beside the River Stiffkey between Wells and Walsingham. So, we are collecting information and examples of items made and used by current, local practitioners of the esoteric arts. The artefacts and information about them will be posted online and later exhibited at a suitable venue. The collection will provide a great resource for those interested in Norfolk Magic, now and for the next generation of seekers on the path. This project is organised in association with Ickeny Collection of items related to East Anglian myth and magic. 

We have long wanted to have a museum of magic and witchcraft in Norfolk, and we already have the Ickeny Collection which has a good range of items collected gradually over the years since the idea first came to us in 1998. There is a Victorian witch ball, a silk thread and glass sprite trap, pilgrim badges and ampullae, glass walking sticks, poppets, charms of all kinds and magical paraphernalia, divinatory tools, including a rather lovely tea-leaf reading cup, statues, magical coins and much, much more. These can be viewed online at


However, it was clear from the messages received at Warham, that we needed to complement this with a project focusing on what people in this area are creating now, and that this will help foster the interest and enthusiasm we need to bring all this out from the shadows and into the light.



Click the link below for the Instagram page. 

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